What am i...?

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What am i...?

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za link

and i am...

You are a murderer. You live a pretty average life by your standards. You may be a gang member or have ties to organized crime. If someone pisses you off enough you cant help but want to kill them. You have your own set of morals and see killing as a way of simply eliminating a threat or a problem. You still like to laugh love and have fun and view murder as just another part of doing business. You will most likely meet your demise at the hands of another like yourself.
Results Breakdown:
74%Boring average person
67%Serial Killer
60%Passionate person

i kinda like this answer


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Re: What am i...?

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Am I a sociopath, serial killer or murderer?
Your Result: Boring average person
You are a boring average person. You get up in the morning you have breakfast, you go to work and you look forward to the weekend. you vote, you pay your taxes when you have to. Your view of success in life is accumulation of expensive material possessions, though if asked you would answer love. Life could always be worse or better and you are never really satisfied. Congratulations! you are quite sane and quite normal. The world will always move on without you however it was no worse off for you being here.
Passionate person
Serial Killer

well;)) nu sunt aşa rea


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Mood eşti pirat ?

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